Wednesday, 27 March 2019 15:42

Microgaming’s New Table Games Collection Launches With Roulette

Microgaming is set to release a new series of table games, and the first title in this series is the game of Roulette. It’s a version that was created for them exclusively, by Switch Studios.

The debut of Switch Studios was in 2018, at SiGMA. They demonstrated there an interface for mobile devices which was elegant, and a huge number of attendees were interested in what they had to show, at Microgaming’s stand.

A new collection of table games, which Microgaming is set to release in the near future, starts with a game of Roulette in this case. This is their way of bringing the best roulette experience to an online audience, and they will have a beautiful 3D roulette wheel that they can use in this game. There is even ball behavior that will mimic the one in real life, so not only will it be capable of paying big, but it will also be realistic.

The design is slick, fit for our present times, and so it’s a new way for the classic casino game to be shown off. It’s got a sophisticated interface, which remains simple at the same time, easy to use both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

There is a new game engine used here, and the slot is based on it. Besides the great sounds and graphics, the game also has racetrack betting, favorites and special bets.

Its players will be able to find information on the history of their spins, as well as betting related data. There will be new bet options available and a different bet board layout for those that want it. As for the favorites option, it will allow players to easily place bets, since they can save their preferences and rely on pre-selected bets.

This new casino game has become available at Microgaming operators, starting from March 27th.

David Reynolds, a Microgaming representative, mentioned a few things about Switch Studios, about how the company has a small group of experts in social gaming and online gambling working for it. They try to innovate in this space, related to table gaming, and Roulette is just the first in a series that was re-imagined in order to better work with today’s audience.

From Switch Studios, we have Tom David, which says that they’re proud about being able to release the first game under this new brand, and it’s a Microgaming exclusive. They want to deliver the best possible table games, with a classic feel, and Roulette is their first release. He also mentions that their next release in this series will be for the game of Blackjack.

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