Sunday, 24 February 2019 04:26

UCOP Passport Sees Mateusz Moolhuizen As Winner

One of the regulars at the MPN, a Dutch native called Mateusz Moolhuizen, has been named Greatest Poker Player in the Universe for the second time. He got the first spot on the leaderboard of UCOP Passport, in order to manage this.

During the last half year or so, this player has managed to achieve quite a few impressive feats. While playing at Betsson Poker, he won the UCOP Tournament in September, and he was named Greatest Poker Player in the Universe as a result, for 2018.

With 1202.294 points collected, the player from Netherlands has won three MPNPT packages as a result, with a total value of €4,500, as well as a tickets package for the online tournament, worth €550. He can now choose to travel to the rest of the poker events that MPN organizes in 2019, visiting some of the best cities in Europe at the same time. He gets access to the main event and one of the side events, plus he gets travel expenses and accommodations.

The first day of the series saw Moolhuizen win the second event of UCOP Passport, which took him to top 5 of the leaderboard. He got to first place by winning the €110 UCOP Passport 26th event.

This series, quite popular, started on January 13th and ended on February 10th. In total, there were 112 events, with more than €500,000 in guaranteed prizes. The winners of these events were also guaranteed entry into the final Tournament of Champions, from February 17th. The winner of that event was Mipha, a RedStar player, which got a €1,500 MPNPT package. The Main Event had 503 entries this year, out of which 93 came from satellites. A €33 satellite brought the winner of the €320 High Roller event, user RaisingHell getting €8,900 this way.

MPN also introduced UCOP Vegas on this occasion, a tournament which starts on April 14th and runs until April 28th, with guaranteed prizes of €500,000. It will have its own leaderboard, with €20,000 in prizes paid for all its events. As for the player getting first place, he will win a trip to Las Vegas for two, with a value of €7,500, to which they’ve also added a tickets package for online tournaments worth €2,500.

The qualifications for UCOP Vegas begins on April 8th, and will be available 24/7 at all poker rooms that participate.

Alex Scott, as Director of Poker from Microgaming, congratulated Mateusz for the first spot finish at UCOP Passport. He also thanked all participants from this year and mentioned how accessible the series is to everyone, since buy-ins are available between €0.55 and €320.

Mateusz Moolhuizen had a few things to declare as well, mentioning how great it is to win and get at the top of UCOP’s leaderboard once more. He sits behind his desk a lot, so it’s worth even more to be able to travel and meet new people, see new places. Since he can get some poker action as well while traveling, this is the perfect kind of trip for him.

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