Saturday, 26 January 2019 13:25

Victim Support Receives Help From Microgaming’s Health and Care Trust

The Isle of Man Victim Support charity has received additional staff training support, an expense that’s being taken care of thanks to the Health & Care Trust, from Microgaming.

The charity is based on Isle of Man, and it’s dedicated to the delivery of confidential and free help to the witnesses or victims of crimes. This support extends to the friends and family of those affected.

One of the big areas which Victim Support covers is in regards to sexual violence and the victims of this crime. During the last two years, the charity has gotten 143 new referrals for this type of case, and the complexity has kept growing as well.

Thanks to the donation from the Trust, the charity was able to create a training course for Paula Gelling, its general manager, and this allowed her to become authorized as Independent Sexual Violence Advisor.

Since the very beginning, this charity has assisted those which were affected by sexual violence, and its staff has continued to receive training in this particular area. The qualification as ISVA helps the charity further, and allows the qualified personel to give victims support, both practical and emotional. From the safety of the victims, to help going through the criminal justice general process, the charity’s general manager will now be able to better address the requirements of those that are assisted.

Pauls has undergone a training course which occurred over a duration of four days, and it was provided by SafeLives, a charity which deals with UK domestic abuse.

Paula Gellina has thanked the Health & Care Trust for the support that it gave her, in undertaking this training. The quality of the courses was very good, and it allowed her to improve her skills, in offering support to victims. She was already IDVA-certified, and now she has the ISVA certificate as well.

From Microgaming’s Health & Care Trust, Paul Novellie mentioned that it was a pleasure for them to support Isle of Man’s Victim Support in this endeavor, and to help vulnerable people in the process.

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