Village People Macho Moves Joins Microgamings Collection of Slots

Village People Macho Moves is the latest slot machine to be released by Microgaming as part of their increasing collection, and it’s coming as an exclusive title from them, being made by a developer called Fortune Factory Studios.

The inspiration for Village People Macho Moves has come from the 70s and the disco scene of the time, being designed as a fairly modern slot, with 6 reels and 15 paylines. The characters are flamboyant, they have their own moves to show off, and as features they give you both expanding wilds and free spins which get six different bonuses.

The Village People are animated here, and they appear on the reels, all six of them. Using mirror balls, retro sunglasses and the shoes of the time, the game does a good job at bringing the 70s back to life. The soundtrack is also a big plus for it, with five popular songs being available in the game. This includes the famous ones, such as Macho Man, In The Navy or YMCA.

While spinning the reels, the game offers expanding wilds, which turn into full wild reels and then deliver a token, to be collected in a special meter.

Triggering the free spins is possible via five tokens, which are collected in each reel’s meter. You receive 5 free spins, with one of the six available extra features active for it, each one based on a different character from the Village People.

Construction Worker: the free spins benefit from a random multiplier, which is anywhere from 2x to 20x.

Cowboy: brings up to 12 wild symbols in random locations, using his lasso.

Cop: will haul in 2-4 wild reels at random, for each spin.

Native: gives you 2 walking wilds, which will move right to left each round.

Biker: upgrades symbols and gives you more high value positions.

Sailor: adds locking wilds, up to three for each round, which will remain in position until the feature is over.

You can get multiple meters to fill up and trigger in a single round, which delivers several types of free spins, playing one after the other.

Starting from June 25th, Village People Macho Moves is available at Microgaming casinos, as a slot machine which is set to impress with its graphics, music track and features.

The Village People trademark is used under license, the owners for it being Can’t Stop Productions.

The CCO of Microgaming, Jean-Luc Ferriere, praised Village People Macho Moves and mentioned how fun, bold and big this production is. The slot’s design shows off what was great about this band, while also using five of its best songs for the soundtrack. The original members of the band were turned into animated characters.

From Fortune Factory Studios, we have Phelan Sykes mentioning how inspiring this chance was for them, to be able to create a slot machine which is based on the famous Village People brand. They knew that the music was a big part of the experience here, and so they included a VP jukebox to allow players to list to the music they love. The mechanics included are also a big part of the game, especially since the potential will reach 5,845 total stake inside.