Microgaming and Unikrn Sign Partnership to Add Esports Betting

Microgaming has just announced that they are partnering with Unikrn, a company specialized in entertainment and esports betting.

This new collaboration will allow for the two worlds to unite, so the Microgaming platform will now have both online casino games and esports betting. A total of more than 800 brands from all over the world will benefit from this partnership, which means that Unikrn will also expand the reach of their product as a result.

The Microgaming Commercial Director, Leon Thomas, mentions that the company has a rich history when it comes to development and innovation, and that they keep trying to add entertainment and new options to the platform. He says that Unikrn’s reputation is a strong one, and that their esports product will be something very interesting and special.

In the future, the platform owned by Microgaming will have Unikrn Virtual as part of it, a system which allows players to place bets on all sorts of mainstream video games, such as Counter Strike, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty or NBA2K.

A co-founder of Unikrn, Rahul Sood, mentions that he was previously a CEO at Microsoft Ventures, and that he wanted to create something unprecedented when he left from there. He mentions how their product is a source of exclusive content that always changes, and that it will change the betting market in the future. They’re excited about getting access to Microgaming’s network and the global reach that comes with it.

Unikrn Virtual is described as a collection of both bespoke content and professional esports, where some of the best players in history compete. Fans get their chance to place bets on these live matches of esports.

According to the Unikrn COO, Andrew Vouris, the platform is the only variant available for bettors that want options around the clock, 24/7. It’s something that a lot of betting platforms are struggling to offer.