Microgaming Bots

Microgaming itself do not provide any bots to use on their games, but many companies have created bots that can be used on Microgaming and just about any other online casino developer’s games. Bot software is one of the latest things to be available among online casino software. Many have used this software to find advantages with games such as Roulette and Poker.

Basically, bot software is automated software that will play the game for you. This means you can apply a Poker bot to tournaments and the software will automatically play against the other players. At first, this sounds amazing and very rewarding. However, there have also been many articles online that these bots are actually scams, which is why we decided to go into more detail and find out everything there is to know about these bots and what they provide to your gaming world.

What are Bots?

Bots are software that can be downloaded to your PC. These come in various price ranges starting from free trails through to huge price tags. The most common bots are used in Roulette and Poker, but they are also available for other games.

In simple terms, bots have been created to play the game for you. In Poker, they play in your seat against other players and automatically assess the table and give you the best possible results. In roulette, they can be used to play the game super-fast and also provide great results. This is automated software that uses the latest software technology to beat the system and give you an upper hand. However, to see if they actually work, we would need to go into more detail regarding Poker and Roulette to see what it is they provide.

Microgaming Poker Bots

Poker bots have actually managed to produce some impressive results. However, it once again depends on the software you use to provide these features. The biggest problem with this software was that it needed to make decisions without the help of a human. However, developers have included a HUD (Heads Up Display) feature with these bots, which reveals various information about players around the table. This information is gathered from the results of each hand, which the bot uses to determine the playing style of other players. However, these are a lot more to these bots than just a HUD.  

Poker Bot Error

Many players are already using these bots in Poker games, which simply cannot be seen by other players at the table. Also, these bots do not guarantee a win each time as the cards dealt to others can’t be seen, and even if they could, it still wouldn’t mean the bot can beat them. However, since these bots have no emotions as such or get tired of playing, they do have an advantage. I’m sure many of you have also played a bad hand and hoped it would turn into something good when the cards turn. Most of the time, these hands result in a bigger loss than we can afford. With these bots, you will find these mistakes are not presented as they have set rules and gaming methods to beat the odds.

They also have the ability to assess others as mentioned, which allows the bot to change its gaming style and the way it reacts to certain occurrences. This doesn’t mean the bot has the ability to read other players and beat them every time, but it does give the bot an advantage when playing against that player.  All the decisions made by these Poker bots are based on the HUD they have and mathematical theory. This combined with the other features they include definitely makes a huge impact on their gaming abilities.

With all that said, do not expect to use Microgaming bots or any Microgaming poker bots and come out with a huge win every time. While the bots might have a great advantage, there are still players out there that will make a rather big dent in your casino account. These bots are not unbeatable as the game of Poker is complete random and provides various ways one can beat another, human or bot.

Microgaming Roulette Bot

A Microgaming roulette bot, on the other hand, works differently to poker bots as there are no other players to assess or compete against. These bots use Algo-Analysis Technology to place bets for you according to the data they have captured from the game. Some of these bots use super speed in games, meaning it plays very fast and therefore has the ability to complete a lot more hands than you can play.

Roulette bots are available but only on their virtual gaming options. This means you cannot use the bot software on live dealer games just yet. There are some that have created impressive results in the game while others have created significant losses for those who use then.

The bot provides various settings, including the default option, which basically uses even money bets to provide a profit. This means bets are placed on Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36, and also first 12, second 12, and third 12. These provide 1:1 payouts, which are fairly safe and low risk betting options. The bot will not be able to deliver winning results in every hand due to the random number generator Microgaming roulette games use.

Another popular option is the manual option, which lets you choose where the bets are placed. This allows you to include a strategy for the bot to use, such as progressive betting on even money bets. You can also choose numbers or betting patterns for the system to use, which could result in a very rewarding game or one that simply empties your account. It’s also important to remember that casinos have a house edge of these games, meaning, in the long run, they will win. The bots do have some advantages when it comes to playing but be sure to keep an eye on it.