Microgaming Casino Errors Review

Although Microgaming’s instant play version and downloadable gaming platform is quite reliable and robust, you will occasionally come across several different errors and problems that can drive you up the wall, even more so when you are unable to get the problem rectified.

Unfortunately, the front-line customer support representatives at most Microgaming online casinos are not fully trained or skilled in the finer points of how their casino software works, and if you report a problem or error via email, over the phone or instant chat you may be given the incorrect advice to successfully resolve the problem or you might end up having to wait while the error is escalated to a technician.

Taking this into consideration, here is a compiled list of the most common Microgaming software problems and errors you might experience, and how to overcome these problems to get you back to spinning those reels and enjoying the hundreds of games provided by this leading software provider.

Reels spinning continuously

This is considered one of the most common errors you will get on slot games. You might be downloading something in the background while spinning the reels and you will start to notice that there’s a long period between you clicking the spin button and the slot reels finally starting to spin. You might also see the reels start to spin but never actually come to a complete stop. To rectify this, you will need to ensure that the only program running on your computer is the casino software to provide the maximum amount of bandwidth.

Casino Software Suddenly Closes

This occurs on all Microgaming casino games where the casino software suddenly closes or simply vanishes from your computer screen. This is also commonly known as a Microgaming error 0. When this occurs, its best to simply close your PC and re-launching it to rectify the problem. It mainly occurs when your internet connection is not stable or fast enough. Although the casino software closes, if you had any bets in play, the software will re-open on your last bet played. Alternatively, you can also use Playcheck to ensure you didn’t lose any funds.

Standard Deposit With Wager Requirements

This normally occurs when you still have funds-in-play on your previous deposit made where you received a casino bonus. Although your balance might reflect $0.00 before making a fresh deposit, you might have forgotten that you still have a few cents available in a specific game that you will first need to wager before you decide to make another deposit. Should you deposit while having funds-in-play, your deposit will immediately be a bonus instead of your own funds. A simple call to support to check your funds-in-play will rectify the problem and ensure your next deposit is your own.

Restricted Countries

Players who wish to play at Microgaming casinos and attempt to register an account will usually receive a Microgaming error 2 code. This basically means that the country you reside in is not supported by Microgaming and therefore you will not be able to enjoy any Microgaming casinos unless you play from a country where Microgaming is supported.