Hold’em Manager 2 For Microgaming Poker Sites

Much has changed when considering how Poker games used to be played compared to how they are played online today. In earlier days, the only option was to join a game at a land-based casino or join friends for a few rounds. This made the game different in many ways as professionals had the ability to read players, see what their next move will be, and also take the time to assess their own game.

While online Poker games have definitely added various benefits, there are some aspects of the older game that seem to have been left behind. This could be that there are many more players online, the easy deposit options that make it hard to keep track of wins and losses, the amount of tournaments offered to online players. In fact, there are many things that require you to adjust your gaming style and method when playing in online Poker rooms, but keeping track of your game and where you can improve is no longer one of them as the latest version of the Hold’em Manager software will allow you to enjoy the game while it takes care of the rest.

The first version of the software is extremely popular and has become the most used Poker manager software available. With the second variation, the company has almost doubled the features and have also included more detailed reports that can be used to get the very best information regarding your game. In the detailed review that follows, we go into detail about the latest features offered in HM2 (HEM2) and provide you with everything you need to know, including how to install, and how to setup the software, making this your all in one “go to” page.

Should You Use the Hold’em Manager 2?

If you are a Poker player, the answer is simply yes. The online Poker market has changed in many ways over the last few years, including the usage of this type of software. Those who don’t use software such as Hold’em Manager 2 are faced with a major disadvantage as this software gives you all types of important information.

As we all know, Poker is a game of skill, of which a major part is information about the game and the other players. With the heads up display (HUD) and the detailed information this software provides, you will have access to a crucial reports regarding your game and that of the players sitting at the table with you. As mentioned, the online game is a lot different to the land-based game as you don’t have the ability to read players and see their gaming pattern, which is exactly what this software brings back into the game.

Holdem Manager 2 Standart View

The software works perfectly for all types of Poker, including sit n go, cash games, and multi-table tournaments. The software can also be used by all player types, meaning beginners and professionals will gain from the information offered by this software.

With the Hold’em Manager 2, you will not only gain valuable information about the game, but you will also be able to enhance your gaming experience and where you can improve on your personal game, making it a must have for all Poker players.

What is Hold’em Manager 2?

For those of you who have never used Poker hand history trackers at all, might not know what this software is or what it does. However, it is actually very simple and easy to use as the software does everything for you.

The Hold’em Manager 2 is one of the software options that is the easiest to use and accurate, making it the perfect example to explain how the software works and why it provides a major advantage for all. The software will assess the history of each Poker hand played that has been imported to the software. It will also access your future hands and provide live information from the text data it gathers from your Poker client. It then returns detailed information about your personal game as well as the game information of other players. It means you will be able to see things you are doing wrong while playing that could be costing you money, while also having access to other information such as your strong points while playing. The hud on Microgaming software will also track your progress, allowing users to keep track of their Poker abilities and where they have become a better player.

HM2 Hand History from the Microgaming Poker Room

Another massive advantage regarding this software is its ability to give you a live HUD (Heads Up Display) on the other players. This means the information you access about your personal game, can also be seen live while playing. In other words, the software will inform you about the weak and strong points of other players you are currently playing with. This includes how aggressive they play, how often they play tight, those who fold regularly, when they fold, and much more. With information like this, users have the ability to keep track of the way the other players wager and how their react, meaning you get back the information you would have had while around a table with other players and trying to read what types of players they are.

This information is shown to you while playing the game. The HUD display provides the information next to each player at the table and adjusts the info according to what has happened in the last hand. Not only does this give you detailed reports, but it’s also very up to date, giving you the ability to play against those players according to their weak and strong points.

Those of you who have played online Poker for a while will know that this type of information could be the result of a win in a game, especially if the other player isn’t using it.

Most Advanced Features in Hold’em Manager 2

There are many great benefits as mentioned above, but going into more detail about what the software provides for different game types might just provide even more advantages for your game type.

Cash Poker players will find the information gathered provide detailed reports about each game played. There are various views and layout to choose from, including graphs and many other options. This can provide the information regarding the last few hands played or an overall profit and loss graph for your history. Furthermore, the software allows you to access this info while playing with 2 mouse clicks. This info is also available regarding players at the table, meaning you can review their advantages and information.

As for tournament players, the software provides all the advantages mentioned for cash games, but also gives you information regarding tournaments and their trends. The information about past games can be accessed, giving you a unique view of the game. An overall tournament report is also available, which provides progress, strong points, weak points, and much more.

Tournament History In The HM2

Another impressive and very useful feature in the Heat Maps. These are reports that provide options to view multiple reports, making it easy to view the all-in EV. This software can also give you rake back earning information, and even the ability to compile graphs, which give you an overview of your game progress while also including other useful information for the best possible results.

MH2 Microgaming HUD

As mentioned above, the software includes a heads up display, which works perfectly with Microgaming hud software along with all the other impressive features the software includes. The HUD is the software used to provide game information while playing. This includes the information about other players that is shown next to their names on the table.

Holdem Manager HUD View

The layout and features of this software are fully customizable, and users have the option to create more than one HUD, which is helpful for different game types. For example, you can create an HUD for Full Ring NLHE, 6 Max NLHE, and even create one for tournaments. With some games, you might not require certain information, which can be removed. However, with others, you might require only certain info, which can be added. 

The Cost

There are various packages to choose from, which provide different benefits. The biggest package might not be used by new players as it includes information at only professionals will find helpful. However, some might consider getting the full package and learn the advantages granted by the additional information. The packages also depend on the type of Poker you play, regarding your stakes.

The software can also be used for free, which is granted by a free trial period that gives you all the advantages of the software for 30 days. Once your trail period has expired, you can choose from the following options. The smallest package starts from $59.99 and is known as the Hold’em Managed 2 Small Stakes Package. This is perfect for Poke games including No Limit Texas Hold’em and Limit Hold’em. The second available package is the Hold’em Manager 2 for $99.99. This will give you access to all stakes, making it perfect for beginners who plan to increase their game abilities and go for bigger games later in their Poker career. Finally, the Hold’em Manager 2 Pro Combo 2 provides all the advantages of the Pro version but lets you manage both Hold’em and Omaha. This package can be purchased for a once off price of $159.99.

Those of you who already own the Hold’em Manager 1 will also receive a discount of the prices mentioned above. Making it the perfect opportunity to upgrade and enhance your game without having to make out the full amount for the latest software.

With these prices and the advantages offered, you will find it is difficult to beat the advantages granted, meaning as a Poker player who is looking to enhance their game abilities, you cannot afford not to get this software and access the advantages it includes.

Installing Microgaming HM2

As explained above, the Hold’em Manager 2, or commonly known as Microgaming hm2, requires the information from the Poker software to provide the information to you. This information is saved to your computer and should be detected automatically while using Microgaming holdem manager or the Microgaming holdem manager 2 poker software. The Hold’em Manger Microgaming import process takes only a few seconds after the software has been installed.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, which is just over 100MB, you will need to run the holdem manager 2 Microgaming hud software, as this will begin the installation process and holdem manager Microgaming setup. The software package will already include all the other software needed to run the program, meaning it will install all needed software thereby making it easy and stable from the very beginning.

Once the process begins, a window will appear that requires the basic install information. This includes allowing the install and accepting the terms and conditions of the software. This is followed by a breakdown of the required software, which you need to accept if you don’t have that software installed already. The last page will allow you to choose the file system, which we recommend leaving as standard. The program will now run through various installation processes.

Hold’em Manager 2 Microgaming Setup

Once the installation has completed, the program will present the setup wizard, which will take you through all the various steps required. Should you be a user of Hold’em Manager 1, the software will start by asking you to import the info from the first version. If you don’t, this option will not appear.

The next step will provide the database folder information, which can be changed, but it’s not recommended as future upgrades will require this folder information. Once all this has been filled in, the program will provide you with the end page and create the database on your PC. The completion will present an information website and launch the Hold’em Manager 2.

The Hold’em Manager Microgaming setup should occur automatically, meaning the software will automatically detect any Microgaming Poker software on the PC. However, if the software does not detect this automatically, you can press on the Hand Importing button in the software and simply select the folder when the Poker software has been installed.

To setup the hand history folder (if not set automatically), simply open your Microgaming Poker software and press on settings. Open the page that says Hand History and make sure it is enabled. You will also find the file location as to where the hand history is saved, which can be copied and pasted into the Hold’em Manager.

Once all these settings have been completed, you will find the HUD should be working. Simply open your Poker software and play a few hands, after the first complete hand, the software will present then first HUD view on your player as well as the other players at the table. Microgaming HUD in Hold’em Manager work very well together as Microgaming has ensured all their hand histories and information work perfect with that of the HM2 HUD.

Microgaming HUD Problem - Troubleshooting

If for some reason you find your Microgaming hud not working properly, there are a few things you can check to ensure the settings have been saved correctly. Firstly, keep in mind that the HUD will not work once the trail period has expired. You would need to purchase the full version to reactivate the features presented with the software after the trail period.

If you have one of the 3 versions mentioned above, the following settings and options should solve any problems you might have with the HUD.

  • Step 1 - Ensure that the Microgaming hud holdem manager is exporting the hand history to your hand drive. This can be checked by entering the client and visiting the Hand History page under settings. On this page, you should have the option to activate Hand History and also the location where it needs to be saved to. You do not need to choose any specific folder for this data. However, be sure to copy to file path from the page. If your hand history was turned off, try to use the holdem manager Microgaming hud again to see if anything has changed. If not, try option 2.
  • Step 2 – The next step includes checking of the holdem manager 2 hud Microgaming settings. Enter the software and open the Hand Importing window by pressing on the Hand Import button, which is located in the center of the software at the top. Here you will find a window that includes current folders where the information is collected for the HUD. If the folder used in step one if not located here, press the auto detect button, which should find the folder by itself. If it doesn’t, hit the green plus sign and paste the folder path in the window. This should open the communication between the Microgaming Poker client and the Hold’em Manager 2.
  • Step 3 – The last possible error that could cause an issue with the HUD communication is the time and date on your PC. Ensure that the time and date and set perfectly and correspond with the Poker client used. A time difference will auto the software to load the wrong information, which could result in hands played long ago to show up while you play or for the HUD not to work at all. Users should also ensure their HM2 software is up to date and that all times correspond.

It is also possible that your firewall is blocking this communication, which will require you to add all the HM2 and Microgaming Poker client files to your anti-virus. This will allow the communication to pass through without them being blocked.