Microgaming Poker Layout

Microgaming is a highly professional provider of online casino games. This, of course, includes their Poker network, which has become one of the most popular for players worldwide. The downloadable software is easy to use and provides a professional layout of options. However, for those of you who are new to the online Poker world, here is a breakdown of what you can expect, how things work, and how to install the Microgaming Poker Software.

What to Expect from Microgaming Poker Software

The layout for Microgaming poker games is very easy to use. There are many options to choose from, including skins that change the entire look of your Poker table. The Microgaming layout has created various fantastic looking table styles and floor skins to choose from, in the menu tab. However, before you get there, let’s look at the Microgaming poker layout and how things work.

Microgaming Poker Soft Layout Example

At the bottom of your screen, you will find all the game options, including 3 boxes. The box on the far left provides various tabs such as chat, options, stats, and casino. The chat tab allows you to post a message to all other players at the table. The options table will allow you to preselect your next move, which enables you to fold choose fold, fold/check, raise, check, call, and call any. The stats tab will include all your personal stats for the game, including when you most often fold, and much more. And finally, the casino tab allows you to enjoy some of the best Microgaming slots while waiting for your turn.

The center box includes your game options. Once it’s your turn to play, these options will appear, and players can use them to make the next move, including fold, check, call, or raise. The options are easy to use and featured on big buttons. The last box on the right will slow your cards and also provide the best possible hand. This is a great feature as it sometimes shows you a combination you might have missed.

How to Install the Microgaming Poker Software

Players can download the software from a Microgaming casino that provides Poker. These are widely available, and all offer access to the full network where various game types are available. Simply sign up with the casino, find their Poker tab, and hit download.

Once downloaded, run the software, which could possibly result in an information box to ensure the correct software is being installed. However, this would depend on the firewall settings as well as the software you are using on your PC. Next, a window will appear with a button that says install casino. Here you will also find the license agreement and the terms and conditions of the casino, clicking install means you agree.

The software will allow you to register while the download is taking place, which saves a lot of time. However, the option to register later is also available, which will table place before you can use the software and enter the casino and Poker page.

Once the download is complete and you have registered, a desktop icon will be added, which gives you direct access to the casino and Poker network. This means you no long need to use your browser to access the casino games. Players will need to log in, which will provide all the games and options available. This also includes banking options, promotions, and everything else found with the standard online casino.