Microgaming Video Slot Strategy

Microgaming video slots consist of a massive range of games, some of which include classic slots with no features, 5 reel slots with massive features, 5 reel slots with normal features, progressive jackpot slots, and much more. Those of you who have played slots online will know that it’s almost impossible to win each time you play. This is due to the house edge and random number generator developers such as Microgaming include in all their video slots.

However, Microgaming actually provides some of the highest payout rates available, meaning the house edge in tilted more in your direction compared to other video slots. This means you are a lot more likely to win on these slots that you would with others or in a land-based casino. Applying simply Microgaming slots strategy will vastly improve your win ratio over time, and this is proven when you relate it too Microgaming classic blackjack strategy and standard Microgaming blackjack strategy.

Even with the enhanced payout rate, you will still find winning seem to be somewhat low at times, which has created a huge desire to find the perfect strategy to playing video slots and obtaining rewards. Unfortunately, beating the game is a lot harder than you’d think, which once again comes down to the random number generator. However, there are a few tips and tricks that are sure to provide a better gaming experience and provide you with indications that big winning could follow soon. With these tips and tricks, you can take advantage of just about any video slot and have a fair idea of what’s to come.

Microgaming Video Slot Wagering

Wagering plays a significant role in winning with video slots. Some of you might have seen that a higher bet includes the payout rate of RTP (return to player) rate of a Microgaming video poker machine. This means on those games a higher bet provides a betting reward opportunity. Video slots have also been known to provide better rewards when a higher wager value is used. Sure, you will be able to unlock some great winnings with a low bet but to access those bonus features, free spins, and more, a higher bet is always sure to get you there faster.

Video slots also use the bet value from the spin that triggers the bonus feature to multiple winnings. This means a low bet will produce lower winnings in the bonus game or free spin feature. The game might produce the same amount of coins with each bet, but your reward will depend on the value of each coin, which is determined by the wager used in the activating bet.

A few years ago, progressive jackpot video slots required a higher bet total to grant players with the opportunity to trigger those winnings. Some even required maximum bet to obtain the full value as lower bet could only provide a portion of the jackpot or a big coin winning. Today, jackpot games allow winnings to be triggered with any wager value. However, with some slots minimum bet will trigger the standard features, but the jackpot bonus game or combination always seems to miss one symbol or come close to activating but never does. This is because of the bet amount. Increase your wager to a higher value and the bonus feature will trigger a lot more often. With most Microgaming slots you will be in for a great reward, even if the progressive jackpot is not granted during the activation and as mentioned above, your winnings for the feature are higher, thanks to the bigger bet value.

Knowing When the Bonus Can Trigger

Microgaming video slots consist of some of the best and most attractive bonus features, which grant incredible payouts and an entertaining game experience. This is why they are desirable among players and why 5 reel video slots have become a favorite.

Those of you who have played many Microgaming slots with bonus features might be aware of the fact that the game becomes very unrewarding just before a feature is about to activate. This means you might have 10 to 20 spins where only small winnings occur or none at all, but then on one of those spins the scatters line up and the feature is triggered. The most important thing to remember is not to give up on the game when the winnings all of a sudden go down as it could be an indication that a big win could be coming.

Knowing When to Walk Away

Video slots are quite easy to read at times, especially if you stick with a single developer with any video slots, such as Microgaming. Opening a game and playing a relatively low wager amount but not minimum bet will give you an idea of how the game rewards. With some slots, 10 spins in you will begin to trigger some great winnings, which could indicate that a rewarding play is taking place. Some other might only give you high card winnings but activate a feature within a few spins.

There are also some instances where you will find the video slot doesn’t provide many rewards, and the account balance has taken a serious hit after just a few spins. This can happen in all games even those that have paid out huge amounts just the day before. Once this happens, exit the game and find another to try out. Usually, I give it about 10 to 20 spins to make sure, but some of the games just don’t give any awards within 10 spins, in which case I go look for something new.

Be sure not to use a massive bet, but also don’t use minimum bet when testing a game. If minimum bet id $0.25 per spin, use a wager of $1.00 per spin to try out the game. If the rewards flow in from the start, increase your wager by small amounts such as $0.50 per spin. This will give you the additional winnings while also keeping your wager low enough in case the game dries up all of a sudden.