Microgaming Hotkeys: Casino And Poker Games

Hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts are actually very important as disaster can strike at any time when you mouse fails or simply decides to disappear off the screen, which is common when Windows based PCs. Sure you can go out and buy another or try using a different PC but what if something happens to your mouse while you in a bonus feature, progressive jackpot bonus game, need to press the button to start free spins, or you have an amazing hand in a high stakes Poker round?

Well luckily for us, developers such as Microgaming have considered this and have therefore created multiple ways to use your keyboard and play the game at hand. These options are available for all their games, including video slots, Poker, Blackjack, live dealer games, and just about any other type of game they provide. The best part of it all is that these hotkeys are automatically activated, meaning there is no need to install additional software or the need to enable these features.

There are actually many players who prefer using these keyboard shortcuts as they provide a more accurate gaming opportunity. Those of you who play Blackjack, Poker or any other table games might already know how easy it is to hit the wrong button or accidentally press fold when you meant to raise while using a mouse. Using the hotkeys is very easy, fast, and very accurate, making it one of the most preferred methods to navigate around the gaming panel and changing the things you need to before the next round or reacting to a game when it’s your turn to play.

Microgaming Hotkeys / Shortcuts

Microgaming Software HotkeysCasino games such as video slots, scratch cards, and arcade games, do not require a whole lot, but there are a number of hotkeys for Microgaming that provide you with all the features needed to change the wager amount, game settings, access features, and more. However, it’s still important to know how these keys work and what they provide as it could make things easier for you or help you when something happens to that trusted mouse.

To navigate among the options at the bottom of the screen, which includes the coin value, bet level, pay table, and settings, use the Tab button. Each time you press tab, the next available button will be highlighted. Once you get to the option you need, simply press enter, which will activate the option and provide you with the ability to change to value presented. Once you’ve changed it, press Tab again to move on.

To spin the reels or use the skill stop feature they include in modern games, use Spacebar. This doesn’t matter what option you’re currently on with the Tab button, as soon as you press Spacebar, the reels will spin with the options you have selected. To spot the reels at any particular time, hit the spacebar again, which will bring the reels to a stop. If you do not press Spacebar again, the reels will continue spinning and come to a stop on their own as per usual.

Microgaming Poker Hotkeys / Shortcuts

Microgaming hotkeys for their Poker network includes a massive range of available options. Players have the option to adjust these buttons and set them to what they prefer. This means unlike their casino software, you actually have the ability to change the hotkeys and make them perfect towards your needs.There are many additional options available with the Poker software, which includes having specific buttons to toggle the chat box, access the casino linked to Poker, use preselected bet options, access fold, bet, raise, call, and check with a single button, and much more.

Microgaming Poker Software Hotkeys

The developer has also included standard options, such as using Tab to shift through the different options and hit enter to select the highlighted option. This is great to know in case your mouse fails, but playing the game this way might get annoying as selecting specific options could take a while and distract you from the Poker game itself. Luckily, you can also use the Tab button to access the options menu where you will find the Hotkeys options. Here you can then select the feature you would like to assign and just press the button you would like to use to toggle that option.

Once it has been setup, go back to the game and use the buttons you’ve activated to play the game. You will find getting used to this setup doesn’t take long and as with many professional players, it will become the prefer way to play, even when you get a new mouse.

If you are new to playing Poker, do not try to activate the Microgaming hotkey software provides as most of these options are only used by professionals. Simply assign buttons to the game options you would use with your mouse and leave the rest blank for now. As your game improves, you will learn what the other options include, which can be activated within a few seconds.

Some of you might also find the current setup is rather complicated to use, in which case you can go back into the hotkeys settings and change it accordingly. There are also some great combinations available, which can be selected in these setting as well. These options can also be fine-tuned to provide the best possible layout for your gaming opportunity.

Table Game Shortcuts

Table games from Microgaming also offer the same range of shortcuts. However, this is a combination between Poker and casino games as some table games require more options. Once again Tab will be become the first go to button, as it lets you select the different options for those moments after your mouse has failed. Simply select the options tab and choose the hotkey to suit your game needs.