Microgaming Tournaments: Slots and Poker

Microgaming provides one of the biggest selection of casino games, which ranges from video slots straight through to one of the largest Poker networks available. This has allowed the developer to attract many players and host some of the most popular tournaments for players to enjoy. These include Microgaming slot tournaments, Microgaming Poker tournaments, Microgaming Blackjack tournaments, and much more.

These games are played throughout the entire day and grant players with a massive range of winning opportunities. Some of the games are actually 100% free, but provide the opportunity to win real cash and enter real money games for even bigger winning opportunities. There are many advantages to playing these games, and since Microgaming has included such as extensive selection of games, you will find the fun never stops.

In this article, we look at the most popular Microgaming tournaments, what they offer, and how you can also become a winning. These games are offered at many different Microgaming casinos, which we have reviewed and posted for easy access to our readers.  

What are Tournaments

For those of you who are new to the Microgaming casino industry, tournaments are a great place to start as they require a low betting amount (buy-in) and huge winning opportunities. These games also do not require players to wager each hand as your buy-in will give you and all the other players the same amount of chips to wager in the game.

Tournaments consist of many players enjoying the same game such as video slots, Poker, Blackjack, or any other game that provides these options. All players will enter the game with the same amount of chips and then play against each other to see who the winner is. However, in some games the rules work differently. For example, in Poker, the winner is the last man standing and in video slots tournaments the winner is the person with the most chips after the game time has run out.

Each of these games features a highly unique gaming opportunity that all player types can enjoy while also aiming for the massive prizes they offer. Most tournaments reward multiple players. However, this depends on the number of players that have entered the game as it increases the total competition pot.

Microgaming Slot Tournaments

The Microgaming slots tournaments are very popular for players from around the world. There are games played on a regular basis, and the Microgaming tournament schedule provides something unique of its own. This could include buy-in, prize money, game, and much more. Many casinos offer slot tournaments with the Microgaming game selection, which are based on network games, meaning you get to challenge others from around the world. The more players have entered, the higher the prize pool will go. However, Microgaming free tournament rewards stay the same irrespective of the number of players.

The tournament uses the same game for all players, making it 100% fair to everyone. The random number generator applied to each game ensures that no players are favored. Most tournaments will provide 1,000 coins to each player, which can be used as you please. This means you can wager more coins at a time or keep to a lower value for more spins. All the game features and setting are available, including free spin bonuses, bonus games, and all the special symbols. Furthermore, players can also use the auto-spin feature and the bet options featured in the normal game.

The same pay table applies to the game, meaning the jackpot from the standard slot can also be won in tournaments. However, you need to remember that your winnings only count towards the competition and will not be added to your casino account once it has ended. The objective of the game is to have a higher value than other players and obtain a prize, which is real cash and will be added to your account.

Microgaming Poker Tournaments

Microgaming also features one of the biggest Poker networks in the world and includes the Microgaming poker tournament schedule. This includes various game types, buy-in values, and game types. This software needs to be downloaded to your PC, which will provide all the details you need. The software lets you register for future games, enjoy free tournaments, and much more. There are three types of tournaments that include sit n go, multi-table, and satellite. Each of these game options provides benefits of their own and can be enjoyed all day as Microgaming provide regular tournaments.

Sit and Go

Sit’n’Go tournaments are considered fast games. These are single table tournaments, meaning the winner from the table will take the pot and the tournament will end. However, Microgaming has created various game types, including different table sizes ranging from 2 players through to 9 players. Stake values start from just $0.01 and can go as high as $1,000.  These games also include different types of Poker, including the most popular Texas Hold’em, along with Razz, Omaha, Draw, and Stud Poker. Different game speeds are also available, including standard, turbo, as well as super turbo, which determines how often the blinds are increased.


Multi-table Poker games from Microgaming provides a much longer game with many more players. These usually offer a lower buy-in amount but offer huge winnings as the pot increases. Much like Sit n Go games, all players will start off with the same number of chips. You will be added to a table to start the game, but as players lose their chips, they will be replaced by others. These games are also known to reward a bigger range of players, meaning the top 10 players will receive prizes, which depend on how many players joined the game. Some tournaments also come with rebuy-in options, which allows you to re-enter the tournament when you buy chips again.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments are also well known on the Microgaming network. These games are meant for professionals as it gives them the opportunity to win a seat in much bigger Poker tournaments that consist of huge prizes and players from around the world. Some of the Microgaming Satellite tournaments provide opportunities to join land-based games, which would include free accommodation, all expenses paid, and a seat is a massive Poker game.