Microgaming WebMoney Casinos

WebMoney is well-known as a global internet payment system, using WebMoney units to make online payments. The company is owned by WM Transfer Limited, with headquarters situated in Moscow, Russia. WebMoney was founded in 1998 to initially cater to Russia as well as former USSR countries, but today it can be used worldwide.

WebMoney is considered an online ‘settlement environment’ from which registered users can send and receive money, make online payments, exchange currencies, get loans, manage funds, raise funds and initiate many other online transactions. The WebMoney system also issues plastic and virtual Mastercard and VISA debit cards along with a WebMoney e-wallet option that can be uploaded with funds and can be used to settle online payments with Microgaming WebMoney casinos.

For those who would like to use this as a payment method will first need to register for the system which literally takes a couple of minutes. You will only need to provide basic personal information followed by a verification check on the registered email address, mobile phone number, password and the currency of your purse including Euros, Russian Rubles, Dollars, Belarusian Rubles and Ukrainian Hryvnia. Once registered, you will receive a 12-digit identification number that will be linked to your purse which is used to log in, giving you access to a variety of features on the system.

A Webmoney customer can generate as many purses (in different currencies) and as much identification numbers within those purses as desired. Webmoney also offers a variety of tools called ‘keepers’ to successfully manage each purse. WebMoney also utilizes a WM Password system providing certain verification levels. The higher the level of verification, the more features can be accessed, and the more the customer will benefit from additional discounts and promotions. There are four different WM password levels in total.

Paying with WebMoney in a Microgaming Casino

Once your WebMoney account is active with uploaded funds in your purse, it's rather easy to make a deposit at a Microgaming casino. Simply choose Webmoney as your preferred payment method, normally under e-wallet options, on the banking page of the online casino. Once you entered your desired amount, you will need to login to your account, confirm the payment with WMID and your funds will reflect within seconds on your casino account. Keep in mind that Webmoney will charge a default fee of 0.8% on all transactions made within the system. The same goes for making a withdrawal from your casino account.

Webmoney Advantages

Payments made via WebMoney are safe and secure as the latest SSL encryption technology is used for every transaction. The payments are also anonymous as no information is shared with the recipient or any third parties whatsoever. Lastly, the funds arrive instantly on your casino account and are immediately ready to use.

Webmoney Disadvantages

The WebMoney system charges fees for all transactions and a customer needs to register using personal information and financial information to use the system successfully. Furthermore, Webmoney provides a wide selection of online services which can appear quite complex at first sight.